Fernando Ficetti

I was born in 1976 in the city of Cordoba in Argentina, this being my current place of residence. However, I spent a major part of my life in the Punilla Valley, where as from early childhood onward nature regaled me with the beautiful scenery of the surrounding hills. Those years spent in my beloved city of Cosquin molded my feelings and thoughts, harmonizing them with the boundless riches of the natural world. Photography allows me to seek a communion with Nature through art, enabling me to decipher the secrets that it expresses in a language whose interpretation can only be subjective and abstract. I seek to bring people closer to this natural world through a knowledge of its vicissitudes, its wonders and its drama, expressed in scenes that follow thick and fast on one another, and yet remain ignored by us, immersed as we are in the banalities of everyday living and heedless of the pulsations of a "Life" that parades its splendor before our eyes, and is definitely worthy of our understanding and respect.